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Geoff Buono

Senior Lecturer in Photography


Geoff Buono

School of Engineering, Arts, Science & Technology

T: +44(0)1473 338801


Geoff Buono has been involved in photography since the age of 16, studying at Blackpool and the Fylde College, West Surrey College of Art, Farnham and L.C.C.

He spent 3 years working in U.S.A. for the worlds’ largest corporate communication company for clients that included SONY, Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company and Mercedes Benz.

Geoff has exhibited in the UK, the Czech Republic, USA, Shanghai and most recently as part of the Copenhagen Photography Festival. His practice embraces a variety of media, methodologies and formats and his work has examined a range of themes including the banal and the everyday. His current project considers the cultural expectations of fathers.


Documentary (Module Leader)

Constructing Narratives (Module Leader)

Professional Practice 1 (Module Leader)

Photographic Degree Project (Contributor)

Photographic Dissertation (Contributor)

Fine Art: Introduction to Practice 1 (Contributor)

Fine Art: Introduction to Practice 2 (Contributor)

Research interests

Geoff Buono’s research interests have included the banal and the everyday. His most recent project has considered cultural expectations of fatherhood.


Memory and Loss – Ginnel FotoFest, Ginnel Gallery, Ipswich (2017)

Censored - Copenhagen Photography Festival, Museumsbygningen, Copenhagen (2016).

The moon and back -  V Art Center, Shanghai, China (2015) and the LCC Galleries, London (2014)

Memory and Loss - LCC Galleries, London (2014).                                                      

Neapolitan Cigarettes - Town Hall Galleries, Ipswich (2013)                                        

Reflections/nyc - Ipswich Fringe Festival, Town Hall Galleries and the Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich (2012)   

Mass Photography: Blackpool Through The Camera - The Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool (2011)

New York Pools - Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich (2010)

Introduction to:thenetwerk - Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich (April 2009)