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Emma Harvey Lawrence

BSc Nutrition and Human Health, Class of 2019

Emma HL

Emma Harvey Lawrence

I set up Woolpit Clinics in 2013 for my mother, with the intention to return to ‘my own thing’ once it had become established. At the time, I was working in London, for a company publishing live music magazines and hosting events. After a year of trying to work both at the practice and in live music, I resigned from my job in the city.

Working in Woolpit Clinics as general manager took a lot of adjustment and research. After 3 years of working within the practice, getting to know the ways in which practitioners were able to help clients and patients, I started to offer free initial consultations which allowed me to share this information, to help people decide what was right for them. This gave me the confidence to speak one-to-one with people about their health requirements and - with the support from the practitioners - develop services and clinics that were needed.

I found myself wanting to help people more but there wasn’t a direct role for me, with my existing qualifications, to allow me to work with clients of my own. So in 2016, I decided to do a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Human Health, at the University of Suffolk. I balanced my full-time degree with maintaining work at the practice, and the experience has been invaluable.

As a graduate, I worked with my own client base, with regular supervision in-house and with one of my lecturers, to help those that needed support with their nutrition. I also decided to continue my academic journey, having started my PhD in August 2021 as well as taking on two part-time roles within the University of Suffolk as a lecturer in public health for the School of Health and Sports Sciences, and as an occasional lecturer for the School of Engineering, Art, Science and Technology.

I’ve learnt so much over the past few years and there’s one piece of advice that I would like to share: there are always moments where you will experience a crisis of confidence to some degree. It could last hours, days, weeks or even months but the key is to be proactive, keep noticing it and meeting it head-on. If you don’t, you’ll never know where the journey could have taken you.