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Eleanor Scarlett

Senior Lecturer in Law and Director of the Legal Advice Centre

Eleanor Scarlett Dec 2021

Eleanor Scarlett



Eleanor Scarlett is a Senior Lecturer in Law and is also the Director of the Legal Advice Centre here at the University of Suffolk, which will open its doors to the public in February 2022.  Eleanor, together with student volunteers from the Law Department within the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, established the Legal Advice Centre in 2021.  Eleanor was previously Director and Supervising Solicitor at the University of East London Legal Advice Centre advising those clients on a wide range of legal issues including family law, housing, welfare benefits and consumer rights issues. Prior to academia, Eleanor qualified and practised as a criminal defence solicitor representing those suspected or charged with a wide range of criminal offences, including murder, robbery and conspiracy to supply drugs. Eleanor acted for her clients right through the criminal justice process from the investigation stage through to trial.