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Dr Suha Al-Naimi

Senior Lecturer/Course Leader in Nutrition and Human Health

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Dr Suha Al-Naimi


T: +44 (0)1473 338772

School of (EAST) Engineering, Arts, Science & Technology

Career Overview

Suha is an MB ChB, MSc, PhD qualified professional in the fields Chemical Pathology and Metabolic Medicine. With a broad based experience in both national and international environments. Previously she worked as a Clinical Research Fellow at the Biomedical Research Centre (BMRC), University of East Anglia (UEA).

During her research project she established culture and manipulation of a new parasite to the labs as well as investigating the effects of this parasite on gut intestinal epithelia and as a result Suha has a numerous publications and received awards for her work. Moreover, whilst conducting research she got involved in facilitating both Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Inter Professional Learning (IPL) for students from the Medical School at UEA.


  • RNutr: Registered Nutritionist- Association for Nutrition (2016)
  • PhD: Chemical Pathology & Metabolic Medicine, The University of Liverpool (2008)
  • MRCPath: Member of the Royal Collage of Pathology (2003)
  • MSc: Chemical Pathology & Molecular Biology, The University of Surrey (2002)
  • MB ChB: Baghdad Medical School, The University of Baghdad, Iraq (1997)

Teaching Focus

Course Leader 
  • Nutrition and Human Health
Module (s) Leader
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Immunology
  • Foundation of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Human Physiology
  • Human Physiological Measurements 
  • Scientific Study Skills
Modules involved in:
  • Obesity and Energy Homeostasis
  • Introduction to Health Sciences
  • Biology of Disease (Disease & Diagnosis)
  • Postgraduate Regenerative Medicine Research and teaching activity.

Research Project

The crosstalk and interaction of the white adipose tissue/gut hormones on gut microbiota and within regenerative medicine.

Selected Publications

  • Al-naimi S, Hampton S, Richard P & Morgan LM. Postprandial metabolic profiles following meals and snacks eaten during simulated night and day shift work. Chronobiol Int. 2004; 21 (6): 937-47. PMID: 15646240.
  • Al-naimi S, Winpenny J P, Hunter P R, Tyler K. A soluble mediator from Giardia Lamblia disrupts human    gastrointestinal epithelial cell function. Mol Biochem Parasitol. 2009
  • Al-naimi S, Ranganath LR, Shenkin A & Trayhurn P. Do white adipose adipocytes express receptors for gut hormones? Ann Clin Biochem 2006; 43: 73 - 76. doi:10.1258.i:10.1258.
  • Al-naimi S, Ranganath LR & Trayhurn P. Ghrelin and Obestatin and the white adipose tissue. Ann Clin Biochem. 2007; 44: 39-41. doi:11.1279.i:11.1279.
  • Marsey, L, Al-Naimi, S and Winpenny, JP Ser/Thr protein phosphatases are involved in the regulation of calcium-activated chloride channels in the cystic fibrosis pancreatic duct cell line, CFPAC-1. Life Science: (2007) Proc Life Sciences, PC209.
  • Al-naimi S, Trayhurn P& Ranganath LR. Do gut hormones enhance insulin- stimulated glucose metabolism in human    adipocytes? Ann Clin Biochem; 2009; 46: 44-48.
  • Dubourg, A; Xia, D; Winpenny, J, P; Al-Naimi, S, A; Bouzid, M; Sexton, D, W; Wastling, J, M; Hunter, P, R; Tyler, K, M (2018): Giardia Secretome Highlights Secreted Tenascins as a Key Component of pathogenesis. GigaScience-DOI:10.5524/100381