Dr Shamser Sinha

Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Youth Studies

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Shamser Sinha is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Youth Studies at the University of Suffolk. His research and teaching interests circle around; ‘race’ and racism; youth; and different ways of doing ethnography. He has done lots of work with unaccompanied and separated young people seeking asylum. His epistemological and methodological work explores how researchers can widen their insight beyond the questions we think of asking participants by inviting them in to the collection, analysis and production of outputs. Shamser is now under contract to Routledge for a paperback book currently titled: 'Decolonising Social Enquiry: beyond mind/body'. This is a research monograph.

Sociology of ‘race’, racism and ethnicity, critical and postcolonial theory, youth and ethnography

Asylum and refugees including separated and unaccompanied young people, young migrants, undocumented migrants, young people’s peoples experiences of education in rural Suffolk, sexual health and young people.


Selected publications (see ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3586-2116 for full listing)

Book Monographs

Les Back and Shamser Sinha (2018) Migrant City, London, Routledge (paperback in 2019)

Journal Articles

Sinha, Shamser and Back, Les ( 2014)  Making methods sociable: dialogue, ethics and authorship in qualitative research. Journal of Qualitative Research, 14(4), pp. 473-487. ISSN 1468-7941

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Other Articles

L.Back and S.Sinha, Missed Connections, New Humanist, Autumn 2018, 2018.

Les Back and Shamser Sinha  Stealing a dream: young migrants living through anti-immigrant times, Open Democracy, https://www.opendemocracy.net/author/les-back-and-shamser-sinha, 8th August 2018.

S.Sinha and L.Back, Of Method and Freedom: How to re-shape the restrictive dynamic between researcher and participant. http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/impactofsocialsciences/2013/10/14/of-method-and-freedom/|, October 14, 2013

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L.Back and S.Sinha 'Go Home' texts expose anti-migrant British policy to the world, Open Democracy http://www.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/les-back-and-shamser-sinha/go-home-texts-expose-anti-migrant-british-policy-to-world| 26th October 2013

S.Sinha and L.Back, Building Home, Street Signs, Autumn 2010

S.Sinha, Immigration and the Politics of Resentment, Open Democracy www.opendemocracy.net/blog/ourkingdom-theme/shamser-sinha/2008/11/10/immigration-and-the-politics-of-resentment| 10th November 2008

S.Sinha, Save our Children, Red Pepper November 2007

Book Chapters

S.Sinha, R.Burr and A.Sutton, (2014) Working with Young Separated Asylum Seekers in C.Cocker and T.Halford-Letchfield (eds) Rethinking Anti-Discriminatory and Anti-Oppressive Theories for Social Work Practice, Basingstoke, Palgrave, 60-74

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S.Sinha (2007) Whoever names you has the power to tame you: how the language of the begging bowl impoverishes Africa in Zia A (eds) Home Truths: Cultures, leadershipand development from an African perspective, Mombassa and Nairobi, British Council, 17-32 Edited collections in Journal Special Issues

M.Farrar and S.Sinha, (eds) (2008) The East End of London New Research on Racism and Multiculturalism, Sociological Research Online www.socresonline.org.uk/13/5/contents.html|


S.Sinha et al (2017) Young People and Progression in Rural Suffolk, Suffolk, Seckford Foundation, http://www.seckford-foundation.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Young-people-and-progression-in-rural-Suffolk-A-report-for-the-Seckford-Foundation.pdf

S.Sinha et al (2017) Executive Summary: Young People and Progression in Rural Suffolk, Suffolk, Seckford Foundation  www.uos.ac.uk/sites/default/files/Research%20Doc_May2017.pdf

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Keynote Conferences and Plenaries

On the 21st of June, I gave a paper entitled, ‘Mardoche Yembi Sat on a Bench: What Stories Know that Data Can’t’ for the ‘What Happens Next: Radical Creative Writing Symposium’ in the School of Arts, Media and Creative Technologies, at the University of Salford.

On the of June 2023, I gave an invited lecture as part of the New Edmund’s Lecture Series at West Suffolk College entitled:  ‘Space, Time and the Relationship Between Stories and Knowing : Sociology (kind of)’    ……..the (kind of) is part of the title!

Shamser Sinha and Les Back,  Sociable Sociology: dialogue, ethics and authorship in qualitative research, Leisure Studies Association Annual Conference, 7th July 2021.

Shamser Sinha and Les Back with Charlynne Bryan, Writing the Migrant City, BSA Cities, Mobilities, Place and Space Plenary at the BSA annual conference 25th April 2019.

Les Back and Shamser Sinha with Charlyne Bryan, New Hierarchies of Belonging, SOAS, Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies, 19th November 2014.