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Dr Jo Finch is a highly experienced social work educator and doctoral supervisor. She has been working in the higher education sector for 19 years, with experience of teaching on a wide range of programmes, including:  BA (Hons) Social Care, BA (Hons) Social Work, MA Social Work, post qualifying Practice Education courses, and Professional Doctorate Programmes (EdD, DSW). She is known internationally for her work on practice learning and has published widely on this topic.  She also writes about PREVENT and social work, and undertakes commissioned research. 

Career Overview

Jo began her career in social care, working with adults with learning disabilities. She then trained as a social worker and  worked in a number of London Boroughs as well as charities, in both adults and children & family settings. She also worked as a play therapist and practice educator.  Jo then moved into teaching social work students in 2002,  and has worked at a number of universities.


Jo completed a BA (Hons) Politics, at Newcastle University (1993); a Diploma in Social Work  and an MSC in Social Policy and Social Work studies at London School of Economics (1997); a Practice Teaching Award, Goldsmiths, (2001); a Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy, Surrey University; (2001); a PGCE (PCET) from Greenwich University (2007);  and a Professional Doctorate in Social Work, Sussex University (2010).

Jo is currently undertaking a level 5 coaching qualification.

  • Advanced Research Methodology

  • Social work policy and practice

Research Interests:

  • Practice Learning
  • Assessment of students in practice placements
  • Learning disability and digital advocacy
  • PREVENT and social work
  • Social Work Education

Current Projects:

Exploring parents’ experiences of being referred to social services because of PREVENT concerns (Leverhulme/British Academy)

Auto-digital-ethnography as an aid to writing

Interpreters working with domestic abuse (London Borough of Newham)

Research Skills:

  • Qualitative Research
  • Creative and emancipatory research approaches
  • Programme Evaluation


Selected publications (see ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7813-0046 for full listing)


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Book Chapters:

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Principal Fellow – Higher Education Academy

Registered Social Worker  (Social Work England)