Dr Javiera Atenas

Senior Lecturer in Learning and Teaching Enhancement

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Javiera Atenas is a Senior Lecturer in Learning and Teaching and Enhancement and leads the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PgCAP).

Javiera holds a degree in library and information Science (UTEM, Chile) an MSc in Knowledge Management (HAW, Germany) and a PhD in Education (UB, Spain).  She has been working in HE in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East as a lecturer, researcher and policy advisor in openness to education, science and data.

In the last years her work has been focusing in developing critical data literacies amongst academics and supporting institutions in developing open education and science policies. From 2019, she has been leading a policy advisory team at the OE Policy Hub – Lab to support the implementation of the UNESCO Recommendations for Open Education to develop national and institutional policies, as part of the work of the Open Education UNESCO coalition. Also, she is a member of the implementation working group at Open Data Charter, a member of the European Open Education Policy Forum and board of the Open Education Working Group, Open Knowledge International. Also, she is a member of the committee for recognition and enhancement of teaching skills in the HE sector for the Italian National Evaluation Agency for HE (ANVUR).

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