Dr Hing Tsang

Senior Lecturer in Digital Film Production

+44 (0)1473 338851
School of Technology, Business and Arts

Hing Tsang was trained as a documentarist at the National Film and Television School. He worked for several years as a technician in the television and film industry before completing a PhD at the University of Lincoln. He is also the author of “Semiotics and Documentary Film” (2013) De Gruyter Mouton and has written numerous articles about documentary, fiction and experimental practice. He remains active as a practitioner and his work has been seen in festivals in the UK Europe and Latin America.

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Final Project

Dissertation (contributor)

Development and Pre-Production (contributor)

Documentary practice, American pragmatism, sign theory, bio-semiotics, visual anthropology, Experimental Film, Asian film.


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Selected Conference Papers

‘Embodiment, Habit, and Visuality: The Implications for Theory and Practice’ Keynote Speech at SENSA Laboratory of Semiotics, Ethnosemiotics, Nonfictional Studies and Audiovisuality) University of Cork, February 2023.

‘The Animated Forest: Puppetry, landscape, animals and plants’ Animals and Landscapes Symposium. Edgehill University, November 2022.

‘Reflexive Tropes and the Poetics of Self in Li Shao-hongs Stolen Life’ Poetics of Asian Cinema conference, Lancaster University, July 2017.

‘Camera and Body Puppetry’ NECS Sense and Sensibilities Conference, Paris June 2017.

"Pointed or Pointless? Recalibrating the Index" Keynote Speech at the Photographers' Gallery London, June 2017.

‘Kampuchean voice and identity in Rithy Panh’s the Missing Image: voice, identity and selfhood’ MeCCSA Practice Network Symposium, Wales, June 2015.

‘Tragedy, Semiosis and Community in two films by Jon Jost.’ Research Seminar, University of Essex, March 2015.

‘Voice and agency in the work of Rithy Panh.’ (presented at the Voice and Documentary symposium, University of Surrey, September 2014).

‘Semiosis, Self, Camera, and Nature.’ Film Philosophy Conference, University of Glasgow, July 2014.

‘Reframing: Non-Human Umwelt and Human Animal Lebenswelt in the Work of van der Keuken.’ Framing Nature: Signs, Stories, and Ecologies of Meaning conference, University of Tartu, May 2014.


Film Screenings (selected)

La Città Reale (16 mins) 2020. Esto es para Esto, Jan 2022, Alternating Currents Film Festival, August 2021, Athens International Digital Film Festival, December 2021, Vastlab Experimental, Nov 2021, Alternating Currents Film Festival August 2021, We Make Movies International Film Festival April 2021, 6th Photometria in Motion March 2021, Strangelove Time-based Media Festival, July 2020, Darkroom Festival September 2020, FilmArte Festival, Oct 2020, Festival Fotogenia, Nov 2020.

The Last Martial Arts (8 mins) 2020. Stuff MX Film Festival, Nov 2022, Walthamstow International Film Festival, June 2022, GreenScreen Film Fest, March 2022, The Persian Independant Experimental Short Film Festival, Feb 2022, Esto es para Esto, Jan 2022, V.i.Z. Film Fest Dec 2021, MicroActs Artist Film Screening, Sept 2021, Experimental Film Fest September 2021, Splice Film Fest, June 2021, Lisbon Film Rendezvous June2021 Vastlab Experimental, Dec 2020.

Confluence (4 mins 30) 2020. Splice Film Fest, June 2022. Deptford Cinema Film Festival, January 2021. Greenscreen Film Fest, November 2020. Walthamstow International Film Festival, October 2020.

Seaworld (18 mins) 2015. Slow Cinema Symposium 2, July 2016, Feel the Reel International Film Festival, October 2016, FEDAXV Festival Diseno AudioVIsual, October 2016, Seemor Film Festival, October 2016, (winner of Best Artist's Film). Espacio Enter, December 2016, Bucharest Short Cut Fest, December 2016. 

Ayahuasca (8mins) 2015. Avant Edge Film Festival CEFF Chicago, December 2016. Espacio Enter, December 2016.