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Dr Cristian Dogaru

Associate Professor

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Dr Cristian Dogaru

T: 01473 338483


Medical Degree, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila , Bucharest, Romania (1998)

MSc in Human Development and Family Sciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA (2004)

PhD in Human Development and Family Sciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA (2008)

Career Overview

Cristian began his career as a paediatrician; after graduating from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila in Romania, he began a residency in Paediatrics on which he stayed for 2 years. He then decided to pursue a career in a more social-science-oriented field, in which he could still follow his main interest, studying and understanding children. He joined the Graduate Programme at the Human Development and Family Study department, Oregon State University, USA, where he obtained a MSc and then a PhD degree, focusing on child development and children with special needs, with a doctoral dissertation titled Applying theories of capital to understand parent involvement at school as a component of family-school interaction : the special case of children with special needs 

Besides the substantive topic, he got rigorous training in research methodology, especially quantitative and advanced statistical modelling. He then joined the paediatric respiratory epidemiology research team at the Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine at University of Bern, Switzerland, as project manager for Breastfeeding and the risk of childhood asthma: a population based cohort study, a Swiss National Science Foundation funded research project. In early 2014 he joined University of Suffolk as a Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies.  

Research Interests

Cristian research interests focus on children's health and development, both typical and atypical (children with disabilities and special educational needs) in the context of their families as well as the larger cultural and educational contexts. Broadly constructed, his research interests lie at the confluence of (a) research methodology for social sciences, (b) early diagnosis, intervention, and outcomes for children and their families, and (c) the influence of the social and cultural contexts on the developmental path of children with disabilities and their families, on the diagnosis process, and on the outcomes of the intervention. Thus, Cristian s interest in studying developmental disabilities is both clinical and socio-cultural, with an overarching interest in developing and applying advanced research methodology.



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Books/Book chapters

Dogaru, C. M. (2017) ‘Issues of impairment: descriptions and discussions’, in Boggis, A. (ed.) Dis/Abled Childhoods: A Transdisciplinary Approach. Palgrave Macmillan.

Rosenkoetter, S. E., C. M. Dogaru, B. Rous and C. Schroeder (2011). Children with Disabilities, School Readiness and Transition to Kindergarten. In: Early Childhood Intervention: Shaping the Future for Children with Special Needs and Their Families. L. Kaczmarek. Santa Barbara, CA, Praeger/Greenwood Publishing Group

Research reports

Dogaru, C. M. and Bond, E. (2017) An evaluation of the Children and Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing Fund 2016- 2017.

Dogaru, C. M. (2017) Better Policing Collaborative - Research evidence assessments (Norfolk and Suffolk) Work Package 2: Community Safety Survey

Dogaru, C. M. (2017) Better Policing Collaborative - Research evidence assessments (Norfolk and Suffolk) Work Package 2: External Demand.

Dogaru, C. M. and Bond, E. (2017) Awareness of the 116 111 Child Helpline Number.

Smith, N. and Dogaru, C.M (2016) Hidden Needs in Suffolk - Five Years On (2011-2016)

Bond, E and Dogaru, C.M, (2016) Revenge Porn Helpline – Evaluation of the Pilot Programme

Smith, N., Dogaru ,C.M, and Ellis, F. (2015) Focus on Survivors: Identifying barriers to accessing support for those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. Research report, University Campus Suffolk

Dogaru, C.M, S.E. Rosenkoetter and B. Rous (2009) A Critical Incident Study of the Transition Experience for Young Children with Disabilities: Recounts by Parents and Professionals. Technical Report, The National Early Childhood Transition Center

PhD Dissertation

Dogaru, CM (2008) Applying theories of capital to understand parent involvement at school as a component of family-school interaction : the special case of children with special needs

MS Thesis

Dogaru, CM (2004) Transition to kindergarten for children with disabilities: school practices and parent involvement