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Chris Janes

Senior Lecturer and Course Leader

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Chris Janes

BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming
BSc (Hons) Mobile & Web Engineering
BA (Hons) Computer Games Design


Before Chris joined the University of Suffolk as the technician for Computer Games Design he spent several years working as a demonstrator on the games degrees at the University of Lincoln, where he also received his MSc in Advanced Games Computing.

Between providing support for students and staff, Chris spends what time is left working on various personal projects, the grandest of which is Hidden: Source, a modification of Half-Life 2 that saw Chris and his team flying out to San José in 2006 to attend the annual Games Developers Conference as part of the Independent Games Festival.

Chris focuses his work on creating single-player games that offer a unique twist to the player. His particular area of developmental interest outside of games design and gameplay is artificial intelligence.