Dr Chrissie Da Costa

Academic Skills Advisor

Learning and Teaching

Chrissie is an experienced educator and researcher, who is committed to dismantling the barriers to education that some students encounter. Her approach to teaching and learning is based on the principle that  academic ability is universal. She believes that all students can thrive with effort, encouragement and support because all students have the potential to succeed.

With a PhD in Applied Linguistics, which explored the language of higher education policies and practices in the UK, she has gained insights into how institutional culture and practices and the attitudes and dispositions of staff can affect the learning environment. She is determined to interweave research and action for transforming HE. She draws on her varied experience, having worked with people from diverse social, cultural and professional backgrounds - including visually challenged students, mature students, refugees, international PhD researchers, engineers, lawyers, and teachers - at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, both in India and in the UK.