Caroline Hawthorne

Academic Skills Advisor

Learning and Teaching
Caroline Hawthorne staff profile photo

Caroline joined the Library and Learning Services team at the University of Suffolk as an Academic Skills Advisor in 2023. She has extensive experience of teaching English as a Foreign language in the UK and overseas and has worked in a range of educational settings including private English schools and Further Education Colleges. More recently she has worked as an Academic Skills Tutor in a UK-based university supporting foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds.

Caroline has a Master’s in Education and is currently doing a part-time PhD at the University of Essex. Her research focuses on the experiences of student writers on Health and Social Care programmes and explores issues of writer identity and agency. Caroline is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

•Hawthorne, C. and Cronin, C. (2019) Developing academic literacy: A team teaching approach between the school of Health and Human Sciences and the Talent Development Centre’ Addressing the state of the union: Working together = learning together: University of Bristol 7—9 April 2017 (pp. 117—127). Reading: Garnet Publishing Ltd.
•Cronin, C. and Hawthorne, C. (2019) ‘Poetry in motion’ a place in the classroom: Using poetry to develop writing confidence and reflective skills. Nurse Education Today, 76, 73– 77

Conference presentations:
•BALEAP Annual Conference 2016, University of Bristol (Hawthorne, C. and Cronin, C., Developing academic literacy: a team-teaching approach with the School of Health and Human Sciences)
•BALEAP PIM Conference 2018, University of Essex (Hawthorne, C and Mason, M. Perspectives on academic writing: L1 and L2 Student experiences within healthcare and hospitality foundation degree programmes)
•BALEAP Annual Conference 2019, University of Leeds (Hawthorne, C. and Mason M. Lecturers’ perceptions of student writers: Implications for academic literacy and EAP)

Caroline is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and a member of BALEAP.