Bethany Weeks

Lecturer in Paramedic Science

School of Allied Health Sciences
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Bethany completed her BSc in Paramedic Science at the University of Suffolk, graduating with a First-class degree with honours in February 2020. After completing her degree Bethany worked as a Paramedic for the East of England Ambulance Service, beginning her career amid the COVID-19 pandemic, working on the frontline, responding to emergency calls. During this time Bethany completed her mentorship training and began mentoring students.
Since qualifying Bethany has run multiple talks and presentations as a paramedic ambassador for the Next Generation Project in Suffolk, delivering sessions to high school and sixth form aged students interested in a career within healthcare.

In October 2022 Bethany began working at the University of Suffolk as a Guest Lecturer, supporting the course team in the delivery of content on the BSc Paramedic Science programme alongside working full time for EEAST.
In January 2023 Bethany was appointed as a Lecturer in Paramedic Science and joined the University of Suffolk on a full-time basis.

Bethany continues to work as a paramedic for EEAST, completing frontline shifts on a Bank contract.

Bethany teaches on the modules within the Paramedic Science Programme. Bethany will be working towards her Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) with the University of Suffolk.

Within her role as a paramedic Bethany built many links with both EEAST staff and other colleagues in services who work closely with the ambulance service. Bethany hopes to maintain and develop these links through her shifts working as a paramedic, as well as utilising these links within her role as a lecturer to benefit the students and have a positive impact on their experience.

Bethany is a Registered Paramedic with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and is also a member of the College of Paramedics.