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Becky Baker

Lecturer in Midwifery


Becky Baker

T: 01473 338641

Becky studied here at the University of Suffolk and graduated with a BSC (Hons) Midwifery in 2015.

Becky then went on to work as a rotational midwife providing all aspects of midwifery care for women in a local trust. This has included antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care.

Becky has attended various study courses which have supported furthering her learning across care in subjects such as critical care of the maternal woman, CTG interpretation, perinatal mental health and facilitating waterbirth.

Becky has also undertaken a course to become a hypnobirthing practitioner which enables her to teach antenatal education for couples about labour and coping techniques for this. As well as this, Becky can use her knowledge of hypnobirthing techniques to support women when they are in labour.

Becky is currently completing her first module towards a master’s programme which is for the Newborn Infant Physical Examination (NIPE). This has enabled her to get a further depth of knowledge in newborn examinations than just the initial check that midwives do and will allow her to take part in ‘NIPE clinics’, as well as do the initial checks on a baby.  Becky will be continuing to complete a master’s programme and will be enrolling on a postgraduate teaching qualification course.

Becky additionally has completed the ‘preparation for mentorship’ course at the University of Suffolk and has worked as a mentor to students throughout her time at the hospital. She has enjoyed teaching and supporting the students through their course and watching them develop. This, in addition to the teaching she received at the University, has inspired her to come and teach the students at the University. Becky has also gained experience in working with newly qualified students transitioning into preceptorship midwives, as well as her own experience. This can be used to try and help facilitate the gap for students making the transition.


Becky has always had an interest in promoting normal midwifery, even within a high risk setting. As well as this, providing excellent woman centred care, ensuring women have a positive birth experience.  Coming recently from practice, as well as still remaining familiar with the programme, Becky would like to be able to use her knowledge and experience to help support their students throughout their journey.