Dr Alison Pooley

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Alison leads the Sustainable Healthy Communities theme within the Suffolk Sustainability Institute. Alison has extensive experience within higher education, particularly within architecture and the built environment, where she has led and developed undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Alison came to University of Suffolk in 2022 from the Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth, Wales, where she first started teaching in 2003 on their MSc programmes, and where she developed a unique Masters in Architecture (MArch) which has been running since 2008. Before starting her academic career, Alison was in architectural practice for several years, prior to which she worked as a housing officer in East London.

Alison completed her PhD exploring learning, transformation, and environmental responsibility with the UK construction industry at the Welsh School of Architecture, and her research preoccupations remain focused on healthy, resilient communities, and responding to the environmental imperative through transforming practice. Her current research is focused on equity within housing, including housing for our ageing population, issues faced within the private rented sector and the challenges of retrofitting for a more resilient future. Alison’s research brings her professional practice full circle to address the inequalities in housing supply and performance. As well as having an active research profile, Alison is a trustee of a Suffolk based housing charity.

Alison retains her links with Wales as a guest tutor at the Centre for Alternative Technology and the Welsh School of Architecture, and supervises PhD students across institutes on a range of built environment themes, and is an external examiner at the Mackintosh School of Architecture.


PhD, Cardiff University

PG Cert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Professional Diploma in Architecture (RIBA Part 2 exemption)

BSc (Hons) Architecture (RIBA Part 1 exemption)

Teaching Activities

M.Arch in Sustainable Architecture at the Centre for Alternative Technology

PhD Supervision (titles only)

@ University of Suffolk

Integration of citizen science in environmental diplomacy for sustainable cities: a comparative study (completion 2027)

Great Women’s Houses: Building Becoming in the Lives and Works of Woolf, Du Maurier, Christie, and Winn (completion 2027)

@ Anglia Ruskin University

An exploration into a primary school’s experiences and actions in addressing energy management and sustainability awareness (completion 2024)

Community-driven, Nature-based design framework for the    regeneration of neglected public spaces in urban environments (completed 2024)

Creating community from space: the role of everyday mutuality in future cities (completion 2024)

How effective is the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnerships Building Growth Sector in delivering the growth and housing targets of the New Anglia LEP Strategic Economic Plan? (completion 2025)

@ Ion Mincu University, Romania

Creating community from space: the role of everyday mutuality in future cities (completion 2025)

Reducing embodied carbon: the role of nanotechnology in developing new materials (completion 2025)

Selected recent publications/conferences: 

Callahan, E., Murtagh, N., Pannell, J. & Pooley, A. (2024) The Knowledge Hub on Resilience in Almshouse Communities. https://www.ustsc.org.uk/arc-for-the-future 

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Pannell, J. Pooley, A., and Francis, S.A. (2020) The future almshouse: what can be learnt from re-interpreting a past. In: 17th International Conference of the Architectural and Humanities Research Association, 19-21 November 2020, Nottingham, UK [online] https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/conference/fac-eng/ahra-2020/index2.aspx

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