Alanna Plaats

Placement Consultant

Business Engagement, Careers and Employability
Alanna Plaats staff profile photo

Alanna joined the University of Suffolk in January 2023 as the Placement Consultant for the School of Social Science and Humanities. Alanna supports students through the Placement process, from searching and applying for Professional Placements (Sandwich years) or shorter placements which are part of the curriculum, through to the completion of the Placement.

Alanna graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2018 with a BA(Hons) in Criminology. During this time, she had a part time job working at the University Careers Centre, where she gained experience of providing job search and application support to students.

Since 2018 Alanna has worked with a local charity, working to coordinate a voluntary lead service where she gained knowledge and experience of Charitable organisations. As well as specific areas such as working with volunteers, Police custody, homelessness, substance misuse, and domestic abuse.

Alanna developed her knowledge and experience of Placements when working at the University of Essex where she grew placement opportunities and supported students into successful Placements. Alanna developed Placements through working effectively with employers and developed new processes to ensure quality and compliance of the Placement process.