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Abbie Millett

Lecturer in Psychology


Abbie Millett

School of Social Sciences and Humanities


T:  01473 338896


Dr Abbie Millett is a Lecturer in Psychology for the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, having joined the team in October 2019. She is an experienced educator having taught in further education at Suffolk New College as a Secondary Teacher and higher education at the University of Essex as a Graduate Laboratory Assistant. Abbie is currently applying for Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. Her teaching ethos is that all knowledge is accessible, as long as both the facilitator and student are equipped with the right tools and expertise.

Abbie is an expert in Cognitive and Developmental Psychology with a focus on cognitive development, specifically in terms of Theory of Mind and perspective taking. Her research explores whether individuals do, and to what extent, assume the visual perspective of others. The current aim of Abbie’s research is to critically assess the extent to which individuals assume the perspective of others, as well as explore what factors may influence this process. Most recently, together with her PhD Supervisor, Abbie has developed an alternative theory to the previously concluded so-called spontaneous perspective taking and has since published two theoretical discussions on what precisely is perspective taking.

Alongside her main research aim, Abbie has also begun to explore the extent that cognitive psychology can be applied to magic, the validity of trypophobia as a potential registered phobia and the effects of daytime sleepiness within the student population.