Declaration on Research Assessment (DoRA)

Declaration on Research Assessment (DoRA)

Improving how research is assessed

DoRA is an initiative supported by nine organisations to push for real change in research assessment. The vision of DoRA is to advance practical and robust approaches to research assessment globally and across all scholarly disciplines. Individuals and organisations can sign the declaration pledging to improve culture around research evaluation.

DoRA is collecting best practices to help members of the community learn from each other and create change.

  • Addresses misuse of journal-based metrics in hiring, promotion and funding decisions
  • Draws attention to the problem and fosters progressive solutions
  • Demonstrates community support for change

Three principles of DoRA

  • Eliminate the use of journal-based metrics in research assessment
  • Assess research on its own merits
  • Capitalize on technology to enhance scholarly communication and evaluation of the impact of research

More information is on the DoRA website