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15 Apr 2020 4:30PM

For the first time, the University of Suffolk is preparing to host a virtual open event. 

14 Apr 2020 1:30PM

The University of Suffolk’s 3D Productivity Suite within the Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Center (IWIC) has started to pro

9 Apr 2020 1:45PM

University of Suffolk honorary graduate, Ryan Gander OBE, has contributed his work to a new activity pack by Firstsite.

7 Apr 2020 9:15AM

Jo Brand has sent her best wishes to final year health students at the University of Suffolk as many are preparing to join t

7 Apr 2020 8:00AM

Health staff from the University of Suffolk are preparing to work in the NHS to help to overcome the Coronavirus outbreak. 

6 Apr 2020 10:00AM

A new app to support communities during the Coronavirus outbreak has been launched, with the help of the University. 

2 Apr 2020 10:30AM

An honorary graduate of the University of Suffolk is amongst the country’s senior health leaders steering the NHS’s fightbac

30 Mar 2020 1:30PM

Final year health students at the University of Suffolk are amongst thousands nationally who are supporting the health and

13 Mar 2020 3:00PM

A conference showcasing the research output by the University of Suffolk has taken place.

10 Mar 2020 2:00PM

The English Department in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities are pleased to announce the longlist for the Student New Angle Prize 2020.

9 Mar 2020 2:15PM

The University is preparing to host its second ‘Liberate and Educate: Inspirational Women’ conference.

4 Mar 2020 9:30AM

Ahead of International Women’s Day this weekend, our Chancellor Dr Helen Pankhurst has been sharing her views: