My Experience as an International Student

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Hi, I am Deepali, an international graduate of the University of Suffolk.

The journey as an international student is unique, everyones experiences differ. This is especially true during the application process which can at times be confusing, and a little daunting. Fortunately for me, the University of Suffolk were there at every stage of the process, offering support and guidance. Plus, the international section of the University’s website has all the information you need on how to apply, getting settled in Suffolk and student testimonials sharing their experiences.  

Finding the right course with the right modules for studies is very crucial. Suffolk has several courses to offer with their unique style of research-informed, active, and independent learning. Choose the course that meets your criteria, look at the modules, read the student profiles, and check the eligibility. The University of Suffolk’s teaching is programmed in such a way that it gives us the flexibility to engage with the course at our own pace; research support and special tutorials are always there to assist students with extra requirements. Special emphasis is given to group activities that enhance knowledge exchange and strengthen the teamwork amongst students. Through workshops in collaboration with local businesses, students are provided with hands-on experience.  

Another crucial element for international students to consider is the campus location. The University of Suffolk is located on the picturesque Ipswich waterfront with on-campus accommodation, several restaurants, and cafés. I have really enjoyed my morning and evening walks at the waterfront, and anyone interested in greenery and meditation will enjoy nearby parks like Christchurch and Holywells.

Buying groceries is easily done at nearby supermarkets, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, which also offer an online delivery service. If you go to the Town Centre, a short 10-minute walk, then you can buy Indian spices from “Asian and Afro” too.

There are several fun entertainment places like Boom Battle Bar, Clip’n Climb, DanceEast, Wolsey Theatre, The Music Room, pubs, and clubs to enjoy an evening with friends.  

Culturally, Ipswich town has a lot to offer. I am glad I have experienced the heritage have enjoyed joining in celebrations and festivities organised regularly. One of my favourites was the fireworks at Christchurch Park. It was an amazing evening with music, fun and mesmerising fireworks at the end.  

I have found everyone to be very welcoming and supportive. The University has several initiatives available for the wellbeing of students and I would encourage anyone coming to Suffolk to be part of these groups. I recently got the opportunity to be part of the “cost of living” project with the Students’ Union and I was impressed with their commitment to student welfare.   

One of the concerns I had as an international student was managing my expenses. But the University’s career counselling service help me secure a part-time job, and have lots of other initiatives from micro-placement jobs and the Student Ambassador Scheme, which provides students with paid work experience.

Suffolk is the best place to study, explore and have fun. The University of Suffolk is a high-tech, inclusive, diverse community for students to study, learn, achieve their career goals, and transform their lives for the better.   

As an international student, I give five stars to the University of Suffolk because of the course content, student support, diversity, facilities, location, and part-time work opportunities.

Deepali Thakur, 
MSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

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