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Inspiring Futures Fund - 2022-23


The University of Suffolk Inspiring Futures Fund 2022/23 is open for applications. 

We actively encourage applications from Global Majority backgrounds, including women, young carers, disabled students, and those in receipt of a grant or bursary to support their education.

Below you can find the processing times for incoming applications: 

Opening Date Closing Date Panel Dates
01/08/2022  05/12/2022 - 23:45 pm 22/11/2022
01/01/2023  31/03/2023 - 23:45 pm TBC
17/04/2023  30/06/2023 - 23:45 pm TBC

All students can apply for a bursary of:

  • Up to £ 300 - UK Opportunities
  • Up to £ 400 - Overseas Opportunities e.g., United States of America (USA) and Asia
  • Up to £ 150 - Research projects/Training courses/Other – negotiable and must be relevant to your professional development. 

Students who have opted into the Build your Future opt-in scheme will have exclusive access to £1000 of ring-fenced funding in the current scheme but still have to follow the above funds' allocation criteria.  

The amount you apply for will depend on the individual circumstances.

We want to help you with the costs of undertaking your career-related work experience/other. This is why the Careers, Employability, and Enterprise Team has a dedicated fund that is open to all current University of Suffolk students:

  • part-time, full-time 
  • undergraduate and postgraduate 
  • all levels of study 
  • classed as home or international 
  • studying in the following locations: Ipswich, East Coast College, Suffolk New College, and West Suffolk College

The scheme supports low or unpaid work experience opportunities that can be in the UK, overseas, or for research-related experiences (e.g., a Research project at the University or within an organisation that is undertaking research), for example, help to get to interviews, assessment centres, insight days or fund to access professional clothing.   You may also want some help to fund a training course that is relevant to your personal and skills development and aligned with your career goals and future aspirations.


What is work experience and why is it so important?

Work experience includes all forms of experience in the workplace, other than placements which form part of a degree programme as a compulsory module.

Work Experience...

  • Will help you learn: Experimenting with different types of experiences will help you to get to know more about your likes, dislikes, values, priorities, and strengths as well as to learn more about different types of work to help you to make good decisions about your career. The more experiences you’ve had, the more learning and development that will happen as a result.
  • Is a safe place to experiment: You can invest your time volunteering or working in part-time roles and summer jobs as a chance to try new things and to road-test a career option.
  • Could be evidence of your passion: You can show that you are genuinely interested in that area of work. A great thing to put on your CV when you start to apply for graduate jobs.
  • Can help to get you connected: Work experience could put you next to the person that will put you in the right direction in terms of possible roles you can apply for.
  • Makes you more successful in applications and interviews: Applicants with work experience outperform those with no work experience. Employers will ask questions about your work experience, knowledge, and interest in the job. They are looking for clear examples and evidence of this.

To apply you must complete the online application form and send it to, along with all of your supporting documents. A decision will be made on your suitability to receive the bursary following the closing dates mentioned above.

The University reserves the right to close the Bursary earlier if all funds are disbursed before the closing date, and University-wide announcements will be made should this occur.   

Make a start with your application by reading the Terms and Conditions first, then fill in the online application form and submit your budget planner in support of your application.