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Postgraduate Graduate Certificate in Radiographic Reporting of the Chest and Abdomen

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One year part-time.

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Qualifications and experience will be considered on an individual basis.

Please see Entry Requirements below.


This course will provide you with the theoretical underpinning knowledge by which you can develop and evidence competence in formulating clinical radiographic reports of the chest and abdomen.

You will learn a systematic approach to radiographic image interpretation, including normal appearances and abnormal appearances of chest and abdomen radiographs across a wide range of pathologies. Importantly, the role of chest and abdomen radiographs will be discussed in relation to alternative imaging modalities, principally computerised tomography.

You will also explore disease processes and trauma affecting the chest and abdomen and develop clinical assessment competencies to underpin the appropriate clinical decision making.

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Course modules

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Radiographic reporting of the chest (30 credits)
Radiographic reporting of the abdomen (30 credits)

Career opportunities

On successful completion of the course you will be competent to construct clear and concise medical image reports in line with local protocols. This will also help evidence your role as an advanced clinical practitioner in relation to Health Education England’s framework for Advanced Clinical Practice (2017).

Fees and finance

This course is funded by the Department of Health.

Entry requirements


Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography

Facilities and Resources

This course will be delivered at the Norwich Radiology Academy. This is a facility designed specifically to teach radiology and offers access to a picture archiving and communications system linked to image reporting workstations.