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Student Life Staff

  • Chantalle Hawley (Assistant Director, Student Life)
  • Aimee Barford  (Student Life Administrator) 
  • Izabela Hutchins (Head of Student Life)


  • Amy Quinton (Head of Safeguarding and DBS) 
  • Louise Barley (Social Work Placement and DBS Assistant Manager)
  • Abbie Keegan (DBS Administrator)

Disability and Wellbeing

  • Cari Dollery (Disability & Mental Health Adviser) 
  • Megan Fisher (Disability & Mental Health Adviser)
  • TBC (Student Counsellor) 
  • Emma Youngs (Student Counsellor)
  • Sarah Arch (Disability and Wellbeing Adviser) 
  • Amy Grant (Disability and Wellbeing Advisor)
  • Eleanor Gordon (Disability and Wellbeing Adviser)
  • Charlotte Simons (Disability & Wellbeing Adviser)
  • Elisabeth Suddell (Learning Differences and Accessibility Assessor)  

Student Life 

Study Abroad


  • Kerrie Harvey (UKVI Compliance Manager)