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The Importance of Good Writing

The School of Social Sciences and Humanities welcomes our first Royal Literary Fellow

The University of Suffolk will be hosting a Royal Literary Fund Fellow this year. Julianne Pachico is a professional writer who is on-hand to help students develop their writing on a one-to-one basis.

Royal Literary Fellows are professional writers whose role is to support and enable the development of student writing skills and academic literacy. The principal aim of the Fellows’ work is to foster good writing practise across all disciplines. For more information see

Julianne Pachico’s short stories have been longlisted  for the Sunday Times Prize. She is the first writer to have two stories in the 2015 anthology of the Best British Short Stories. Her short stories have been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and published by The New Yorker, Granta, The White Review, and Lighthouse, among others.

Julianne will be on campus Mondays and Tuesdays every week during time term and will have a separate office within R.204 in the Arts block in the Humanities office.

Through free, confidential tutorials (book via libcal) Julianne can offer support and advice for improving writing skills, to students of any discipline, at any level of study. Staff are also welcome to book an appointment. 

Your tutorial with our Royal Literary Fellow can help you: 

  • Improve your essay planning, and academic writing
  • Offer tips for organising your ideas clearly
  • Focus your reading research for writing essays and dissertations.
  • Better express your ideas in fluent writing.
  • Understand how to maintain focus in your writing
  • Offer reading suggestions to improve your writing and editing skills. 
  • Improve your writing style and gain confidence in your work.

"Hi everyone, I'm Julianne Pachico and I'm a writer. I write short stories and novels, and I've published two books – The Lucky Ones (2017) and The Anthill (2021). I'm really excited to be working this year as the first ever Royal Literary Fellow at the University of Suffolk. My job is to help you with your writing. If you're working on the draft of an essay or seeking to improve your writing, then I'm here to help. Just book a one-on-one tutorial with me, and we can meet for up to an hour to discuss your writing. All sessions are confidential, and entirely voluntary. We can talk about strategies for improving structure and style, tips for drafting and editing, or even just general writing advice.

I'm very excited to get to know all of the projects you'll be working on throughout the year, and I look forward to meeting you!"