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Benefits and Wellbeing

Whatever your role, we offer a wide range of benefits and opportunities to enhance your life inside and outside of work.

We have high expectations of our staff and will work closely with you to help you achieve both your own goals and those of the institution.  We measure performance on outputs and quality of work - trusting our staff to manage their own time, deliverables and attendance.  





We offer competitive salaries based on market rate as well as individual ability and contribution. We have a structured salary and grading scheme in common with many other Universities, which meets equality requirements. It allows for some progression via annual increments. 

We offer financial assistance to new staff moving to the area who meet a range of prescribed criteria under our Relocation Policy.


Pension scheme

The Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) is our contributory pension scheme. Open to all staff, it provides excellent guaranteed benefits on retirement as well as benefits to your family should you die or become incapacitated whilst still in service.

The employee and the University make percentage contributions to the schemes and rates may vary from time to time. The employee contribution rate, as at October 2019, is 9.6%.

For USS members, we operate a salary sacrifice scheme, which is a simple and risk free way to deliver savings to the majority of staff and the University by reducing the amount of National Insurance (NI) Contributions paid from salary.

Staff Cycle Scheme

All staff with long term contracts are eligible for the University's cycle scheme. This allows you to pay for a bike plus accessories from your pay before tax and NI, which avoids the need for an up-front payment and significantly reduces the amount you need to pay overall.

Childcare vouchers

A new scheme ‘Tax Free Childcare (TFC)’ has been introduced by the government and is now the only option available to parents who are not already members of a childcare voucher scheme. 

Eyecare Scheme

All staff who use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) are entitled to a free eyesight test, and a contribution towards spectacles if they are needed for DSE work.

Work-Life Balance

We value our hard working staff and recognise the need to balance your working and personal life is important.   In a world with rapid demographic, social and technological change, we know the above is more than possible.  As an agile and responsive university we stay open to new directions knowing that agility and adaptability in the way we operate is crucial for both business and individual success.   

The following are examples of how we may help you find a healthy balance:

We also offer a range of wellbeing initiative to also support your work-life balance, see below for more information.

In October 2017, we were named as a Top 30 Employer for Working Families for the second year running, read more here




We take the health and wellbeing of our staff and students seriously at the University of Suffolk.  We seek to provide a safe, healthy and inspiring work environment through the following: - 

Our values and operating principles   

These provide a clear view the values which underpin our activity.  These principles should be a constant guide to the way we operate here at the University.


Wellbeing Steering Group

We have a group consisting of academic and professional service staff who contributes to our health and wellbeing strategy.  There are a number of wellbeing initiatives which derive from this group including a yearly health promotion programme and recently achievng accreditation of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter Award.  This Award is a best practice framework endorsed by Public Health England.  

The Wellbeing Steering group feeds into the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee who support the group with raising the profile of wellbeing across the University.


Providing opportunities to support your physical, mental, social and spiritual health

Here are some opportunities we provide: -

  • Access to on-site neck, back and shoulder massage treatments.
  • A range of lunchtime clubs and societies to encourage you to have a break away from your desk and meet up with new and existing friends.  These clubs include a weekly Walk n’ Talk Club, Running Club, Book Club, Pilates and Choir.  More clubs are currently under development and will be launched in the near future.
  • Health promotion events building awareness of a range of health issues and supportive resources available
  • Staff Pool Bicycle Initative - opportunities for staff to have free use of bicycles for travelling in and around Ipswich whilst on University business.  This initiative supports our bid to reduce carbon, cost, calories and to encourage physical activitiy whilst at work
  • Informal Networks:  Black and Minority Ethnic Network and Family Network.  We are currently exploring interest in a Disability Network.
  • Annual Team Step Challenge - a three-week step challenge to encourage movement whilst at work and study.


Making a difference to our place of work

We provide staff the opportunity to share their work experiences via a biannual staff survey.  Staff are given the opportunity to make a difference to their work environment through holding valuable discussions about their department and university-wide results; celebrating successes and exploring ways for continuous development.  We are all responsible for providing a great place to work on a daily basis.


Personal Growth

To support your personal growth and fulfil your potential we provide a number of opportunities to further your career and skill development.  For example various training and development workshops/courses, lectures and career progression opportunities. As a staff member, you will be able to access all of the development sessions that we offer.  We ensure that training needs are identified and provision is in place to meet institutional, as well as individual, needs.

We work closely with specialist internal and external providers to design programmes which meet these specific requirements.

  • Academic Leadership
  • Management Development
  • Research and Scholarly Activity
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Health and Safety
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Personal Development
  • IT

Personal Study

We offer a 100% fee waiver for staff wishing to study a University of Suffolk undergraduate or postgraduate course, irrespective of the relevance to their job role. The offer is subject to conditions and these can be found in our Support for Staff Academic Study and Continuing Professional Development Policy, once you are appointed.

The above gives an overview of some steps we take to support wellbeing at the University.  However, there are many more ways in which we work supporting wellbeing in the workplace.