Enrolment FAQs - Returning Students

Enrolment is mandatory for all new and returning students. Re-enrolment is required so that you can review your details to ensure they are correct, confirm your module selections and select how your fees will be paid. Any tuition fees and/or maintenance support payments will not be released until after you have completed your enrolment.

You will receive a text message (if you have authorised us to contact you via text) or email to your student account. If you want to check if you have enabled text messages, please use the Update My Information/Update Contact Details options in OASIS.

To complete your enrolment, you need click the “Complete your Enrolment” option in OASIS.

All students are invited to re-enrol based on their academic profile and eligibility to progress under the relevant assessment regulations. Here are some examples of reasons why you may not have yet been invited to re-enrol:

  • The general re-enrolment period for your course may not have commenced. See above for the general enrolment dates.
  • Outstanding results. If you have not yet successfully passed all your modules, you will be invited to enrol following your ratified resubmission. Different schools and courses conduct their Assessment Boards at various times in the semester and during the summer break, so it is normal that all students are not invited to enrol at the same time. If you need further information, please contact your Academic Administrator or HEA. 
  • Outstanding fees: If you have outstanding fees, you will need to make payment or agree a payment plan before you can re-enrol.
  • Returning from intercalation: If you are returning from a break in studies additional steps will be taken to reactive your student record. If you are unsure whether you have confirmed your intention to return to study, please email extcircs@uos.ac.uk.
  • Other checks: Occasionally the University will need to undertake additional checks before  you can be invited to re-enrol, for example confirmation of your ongoing visa status (in the case of international students) or other eligibility checks.

 If you need further information, please contact your Academic Administrator or HEA. 

If you experience any difficulties during the completion of your enrolment please use the Help button at the bottom of each page. Alternatively, you are welcome to drop into the Student Centre for support in completing your enrolment. You can also contact the Student Centre, their details can be found on the Get in Touch page.

There are certain questions that we are required to ask in accordance with government guidelines and acts (e.g. the Equality Act), agreements such as our agreement with the Office for Students Regarding Access and Participation or for statistical purposes. On these types of questions we offer an explanation via the question mark button located next to the question.

Please double-check you have completed all mandatory questions – often this happens because a question has been overlooked. If you’re having difficulty with a particular question, please check any guidance (accessible via a question mark button next to the question) before contacting the Student Life team.

This happens for one of two reasons: either an error has been identified with your enrolment records and is being fixed in the background, or you have submitted a help request and we have suspended your enrolment whilst someone looks into your question. In both cases, you will be notified as soon as the issue is resolved.

We look forward to seeing you back on campus. We recommend that you regularly check Brightspace for welcome back information and your timetable. Please note, some information, including your new module areas, may take 24 hours to appear on Brightspace.