Progression Agreements

Terms and Conditions for Students applying to the University of Suffolk from a Sixth Form or College with a live Progression Agreement.

Progression Agreements aim to widen access to higher education (HE) by enhancing progression opportunities to the University of Suffolk; and increasing partnership working between a range of schools and colleges to the University. Progression Agreements are either signed directly with Schools and Colleges or Academy Trusts, or are signed with Access Validating Agencies. All information below applies to ALL Progression Agreements unless otherwise stated. Please see individual course pages for entry requirements.


Students are guaranteed an offer of admission to the University based on achieving a set number of tariff points in their qualifications. The number of tariff points required will normally be lower than those specified within a standard offer of admission. Exclusions apply as outlined below.

Students undertaking an Access to HE Diploma are guaranteed an offer of admission to the University based on a Pass, or a Pass with a set number of credits at Merit or above. The number of credits at Merit or above will normally be lower than those specified within a standard offer of admissions. Students will still be expected to meet any additional subject and grade requirements specified on the course pages of the University website (e.g. Level 2 Maths and English}.

Students applying to the University's Ipswich campus for a standard fee undergraduate programme will be eligible to receive the Ipswich Award - a £1000 award paid in the first year of the course. Eligibility for the Award will be based on meeting the conditions of the offer. This is different to those applying without a Progression Agreement, who must meet or exceed the published entry requirements for the course. Please see the separate Ipswich Award information.

Note: for students applying from a School, College or Academy Trust with an active Progression Agreement only.


The following Schools and Colleges hold live Progression Agreements with the University of Suffolk:

  • 2023 Entry: East Coast College; Suffolk New College
  • 2024 Entry: East Coast College; Suffolk New College

The following Access Validating Agencies hold a live Progression Agreement with the University of Suffolk, covering all students studying an Access to HE Diploma validated by their agency, regardless of the centre in which they are studying. This applies only to students studying in the UK:

  • 2023 Entry: Gateway Qualifications; Cambridge Access Validating Agency (CAVA)
  • 2024 Entry: Gateway Qualifications, Cambridge Access Validating Agency (CAVA)

If you would like to discuss a Progression Agreement with the University, please email

  1. Lower offers under the terms of the Progression Agreement will only be made based on Level 3 qualifications that are allocated UCAS tariff points. Other Level 3 qualifications will be considered as normal by the University’s Admissions team. The University reserves the right to make the final judgement on the admission of any student.
  2. Guaranteed offers of admission are not possible for the following courses offered at the University of Suffolk, including Adult Nursing, Children’s Nursing, Childhood: Primary Education with QTS, Dental Therapy and Dental Hygiene, Diagnostic Radiography, Mental Health Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic Science, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Therapeutic Radiography. Guaranteed offers of admission are also not possible for Higher and Degree Apprenticeships, or Work-Based Learning, or for courses that require a portfolio or audition as part of the Admissions process.
  3. Students applying for Higher or Degree Apprenticeships or Work-Based Learning will not be eligible for the Ipswich Award.
  4. Additional subject specific entry requirements (e.g. Level 2 Maths and English) are specified on course pages of the University’s website. Students who do not meet subject specific entry requirements will be unable to be admitted to the University of Suffolk.
  5. Where applicants are normally required to attend a physical or virtual interview (including audition or portfolio review) as part of the Admissions process, students applying as part of this PA will still be expected to attend this interview. Students unable to attend an interview will not be made an offer of admission.
  6. Students must submit a full UCAS application, including Personal Statement and References, and any other information required by the University of Suffolk Admissions team. All applicants to the University may be required to provide additional information to the University as part of their application or enrolment, including (but not limited to) evidence of qualifications achieved, eligibility to study in the UK, references, occupational health assessments or paperwork relating to a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check. Applicants applying to the University under a Progression Agreement must provide any information required by the Admissions team in line with any deadlines set for submission to be eligible for entry to the University.
  7. Students applying by the UCAS Equal Consideration Deadline (normally the last Wednesday of January in the year of entry) will be made an offer under the terms of the Progression Agreement where places are still available. The University will be unable to make an offer to students applying ‘late’ if courses have been closed to new applicants or if the programme is only considering ‘late’ applications for reserve places.
  8. Each student that enrols on a University course is liable to meet the cost of tuition fees and all other relevant costs and expenses. The University Student Recruitment and Access teams can work with students to explain how the student finance system works. Students should visit course pages to understand any additional costs that may be incurred as part of their degree.
  9. As part of its commitment to widening access to HE the University utilises the Higher Education Application Tracker (HEAT). Students participating in engagement activities as part of Progression Agreements will be asked to complete a registration or evaluation form that will incorporate data collection for an electronic database owned by HEAT. Alternatively, the school/college will issue the University with a register of students participating in engagement activities (including name, date of birth, and postcode). Every student will have the opportunity to opt-in to their data being used for HEAT monitoring, and opt-out by sending their name, date of birth and postcode to The data in the HEAT database may be shared with the Office for Students (OfS) or the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) to help evaluate the effectiveness of this activity as part of government policy to increase access to higher education, and to support the development of future policy. We, HEAT and other authorised organisations listed may use some of this data in reports and publications anonymously – we or HEAT will NEVER publish students’ names or personal details or allow them to be identified from the data in publications. The University of Suffolk complies with all GDPR legislation.
  10. Progression Agreements are in place for students applying to start at the University of Suffolk for entry in the same year as their application. Students applying through UCAS for deferred entry will be made an offer under the terms of this PA where possible.

For enquiries, please contact: