External Examiner Appointment and Induction

External examiners are normally recruited through advertisements placed on JISCmail and/or via the Council of Deans website and in line with the External Examiners Policy.

Upon completion of the internal approval process, an EE will be asked to complete, sign, and return their engagement form and HMRC form to the Quality Assurance team. EEs will also be provided with access to complete an online right-to-work check. Once successfully completed, EEs overseeing courses which use the online learning environment (OLE), Brightspace, will receive access to this platform. EEs overseeing courses at our Partner institutions will be given access to the appropriate OLE.

Once an EE receives their log-in details, we strongly encourage the completion of the Multifactor Authentication (MFA) which will allow EEs to reset their password if they have forgotten it or it has expired. If an EE needs to reset their password and has not completed MFA, they will need to contact the Academic Administrator for their course.


The induction session for new EEs is held annually (usually in September). This online session is designed to provide an introduction to the University of Suffolk and its quality management processes, as well as explaining the role of the EE. It provides an opportunity for EEs to hear from representatives from different teams at the University as well as an opportunity to ask questions. EEs will also be invited to attend an introductory meeting with their course leader or link tutor to gain a better understanding of the course(s) they will be overseeing. A video recording and a copy of the presentation from the last induction can be provided upon request, please contact eereports@uos.ac.uk.