Lewis Woolston

Student Union President

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Vice-Chancellor's Office
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Lewis is the President of Education at University of Suffolk Student Union. Lewis has been at the university since 2020 and studied Sports Performance Analysis. Throughout his second and third year he was able to get heavily involved in the Student Union in a variety of ways.

In September 2021 he joined the team as a student-staff member in front of house, where he worked on the front of house desk and in ShopSU ensuring that students were able to access the SU services that they required. In second year, he continued this role and took on the role of wellbeing officer for the men's football team which enabled him to become even more involved in SU before he decided to run for election later in the year.

Lewis now works to ensure that student voices are heard by staff at the university. As a member of various academic committees and the board, Lewis provides the student perspective in those spaces to give staff insight into how students are feeling and what work needs to be done to better the student experience.