Lucy Whitmore

Head of Student Complaints and Conduct

+44 (0)1473 338435
Registry Services

Lucy leads the Department of Student Complaints and Conduct within the Registry Services and Student Life Directorate. The Office for Student Appeals, Complaints, and Conduct (OSACC) provide procedural advice and guidance to students and staff on the University's policies and procedures on matters concerning student appeals, complaints, and conduct and are responsible for managing casework related to these areas.

Lucy has worked within the university sector since 2001, first at Suffolk College and then with the University of Suffolk. Lucy led the Admissions team and subsequently led the then newly established Infozone (Student Centre) until May 2012. Following a period of maternity leave Lucy returned as one of the Project Mangers aligned to the University Independence Project, bringing the University of Suffolk taught degree awarding powers which was achieved in 2017.

Before joining the university, Lucy gained a BA (Hons) Communication Studies from Nottingham Trent University with a focus on Psychology and Sociology. Lucy is also an active member of the Association of Higher Education Professionals (AHEP, previously the AUA). Lucy works part-time and spends her non-working days focusing on her role as Chair of her children’s School PTA, managing a small team to plan events and fundraise, liaising with the SLT of the school and managing a budget.