Professor Ryland Morgans

Visiting Senior Academic

School of Allied Health Sciences

Ryland has extensive experience in elite football performance and holds a PhD in Football Science (2014) and UEFA Pro License (2011). With this blend of qualifications and practical experience, he is dedicated to applying scientific principles to underpin football practice to maximise performance and minimise injury risk. His speciality areas include: methodology and periodisation; football fitness; data analytics to monitor training/match load, rehabilitation and applied scientific football research.

He has gained experience in all English domestic leagues being part of three promotions. He has club experience in the French Ligue 1, English Premier League, Russian Premier League, Champions League, and Europa League alongside experience with four National senior Teams during the Euro 2016, AFCON 2019 Tournaments and World Cup, AFCON, Olympic and Asia AFC Olympic qualifying campaigns.
He has 86 published papers in: technical and physical match performance; immunological, hormonal and neuromuscular recovery responses to match-play; periodisation; nutritional strategies; power development; sports medicine; injury analysis. 

He currently has 21 papers under review and a further 28 papers in progress, with two book chapters also under review.  He is also the Guest Editor for three Journal Special Issues and a member of eight Football Research groups around the world. 

He is currently supervising 7 PhD students.