Dr James Nobles

Visiting Senior Fellow in Public Health

Research Directorate

James is a Visiting Senior Fellow in the Institute of Health and Wellbeing. James is a pragmatic, mixed methods researcher with specialist expertise in the prevention and treatment of obesity. His core interests lie within the design, implementation and evaluation of systems approaches to help address non-communicable diseases.

Throughout the last 10 years, James has developed an extensive research portfolio within the fields of non-communicable disease prevention and treatment. He works closely with local and national policy makers to ensure that research being undertaken, and the associated findings, are able to translate meaningfully back into the decision making processes.

James' early work focused on understanding how, and why, families engage (or not) with weight management services in the UK. He then went on to work closely with SHINE Health Academy; a community-based specialist weight management provider for young people living with severe obesity. This collaboration continues strongly today.

Given that the health and wellbeing is largely borne out of the conditions and environments that we live in, James' current research is predominantly interested in the prevention of non-communicable diseases (such as obesity) through the use of systems approaches. He has led on large scale evaluations of such approaches, developed innovative methods and techniques to gain new insight around these approaches, and co-lead on the development of a large specialist international evaluation network.

James has developed a growing reputation in these fields of work and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with others in these areas.