Zijian Zhao

Learning Data Analyst

Learning and Teaching
Zijian Zhao staff profile photo

Zijian Zhao is a Learning Data Analyst at the University of Suffolk, bringing a strong background in data science and a passion for discovering innovative solutions to enhance the learning experience. Zijian holds a Master's degree in Data Science with Distinction from Durham University, where he honed his skills in Python, machine learning, and advanced statistical modelling.

Zijian has conducted interdisciplinary research, such as analysing spectral data for Savannah vegetation using machine learning. In addition, he has utilised Res-net Neural Networks to analyse the main trends of popular pictures and understand the underlying reasons for their popularity. His background also includes working in China, where he developed exceptional communication and consulting abilities while delivering video solutions to clients.

As a Learning Data Analyst at the University, Zijian utilises his comprehensive skillset in data analysis, computer science, media analysis, business analysis, and consulting to support the institution's learning and teaching initiatives. With a keen interest in the impact of large language models like ChatGPT on our world, Zijian continuously seeks new ways to improve the student experience through data-driven insights and cutting-edge technologies.