Brandon Harris

Student Experience and Engagement Ambassador

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Learning and Teaching
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Brandon's connection with the University of Suffolk started in 2015 when he began his BA (Hons) Early Childhood course. In 2018, he became one of the first cohorts to graduate at the new picturesque waterfront graduation venue. During his student years, Brandon actively engaged in various aspects of university life. He served as a course rep for two years, engaged in regular Most Active Student badminton sessions, and accessed valuable career support which enabled him to find his first employment opportunity. In 2017, Brandon campaigned in the annual SU elections for a School Officer position, narrowly losing to another student named Lou. However, their journey took an unexpected turn, as they married in June 2023.

Inspired by the positive impact of his university experience, Brandon now holds a professional role at the University of Suffolk, where he passionately supports students throughout their academic journey.