Honorary Graduates and Fellows

University of Suffolk students graduate in formal ceremonies held across Suffolk and Great Yarmouth each Autumn. As part of the formality of graduation, we also welcome a number of notable individuals to the ceremonies and present them with Honorary Awards.

Our Honorary Graduates are strong ambassadors of the University and support us in many ways.  If you are interested in supporting the University please visit our supporters page, contact giving@uos.ac.uk or make a gift today.

Do you know someone who would be an appropriate candidate to be conferred with an Honorary Award at a graduation ceremony? Each year the University honours selected individuals in recognition of their outstanding achievement or distinction in the following:

  • Their contribution to the educational or cultural well-being of society or to business, industry or enterprise;
  • For academic distinction or services to academic disciplines of particular interest to the University;
  • For public or community service that exceeds professional or job requirements;
  • Achievement in the face of disadvantage;
  • For an exceptional contribution to the University. 

If you know of a suitable nominee, please fully complete the nomination form with as much information as possible including a biography of the person and any additional relevant information, including the rationale behind the nomination to enable the Committee to make a decision and send to Jo Parsons, Executive Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor by 30 April 2024.

Nomination forms submitted by this deadline will be considered by the Honorary Award Committee at its next meeting, so that the process can be completed in time for the awards to be made at the autumn 2024 ceremonies. Please note that nomination forms can be submitted after the deadline but may be held for a future ceremony. Honorary awards will not normally be conferred on a serving politician, or a serving or retired member of the University governing body or the governing body of a Partner College, or an employee of the University or Partner College.

Please remember that nominations are strictly confidential and therefore you should not approach your nominee to discuss your intention or discuss with other people.

Past Honorary Graduates

  • Paul Killik
  • Jonathan Adnams OBE
  • Dr Harry Brunjes

  • Geoff Barton
  • Duncan Bathgate
  • Stephen Foster
  • Celia Edey OBE
  • Albert Grant OBE
  • Cynthia Capey
  • Robin Christopherson MBE
  • Rae Snape
  • Susan Falch-Lovesey

  • Sarah Holmes
  • Nik Kershaw
  • Fred Langford
  • Ian Livingstone, CBE
  • Daemmon Reeve
  • Rebecca Crerar
  • Kerry Ellis

  • Rob Brooks
  • Richard Carter MBE
  • Annie Clements
  • Patricia Godbold
  • Madeleine Jackaman
  • Gina Long MBE
  • Tim Rowan-Robinson
  • Scott Russell
  • Hugh Sturzaker MBE
  • Ian Twinley DL

  • Laura Bates BEM
  • Christine Dobson
  • Richard Edgar-Wilson
  • Esther Freud
  • Professor Dave Muller
  • David Parlett
  • Bill Turnbull
  • Robin Windsor
  • John Best
  • Ryan Gander OBE

  • Michael Foreman
  • Will Gardner
  • Mark Goodall
  • Mat Kirkby
  • Dame Ruth May
  • Diana Quick
  • Dr Rosamund Thomas
  • Brian Tobin
  • Neil Watts
  • Anthony Ogogo

  • Ronald Blythe, CBE
  • Ed Sheeran, MBE
  • Nicky Slater
  • Karen Hester
  • Maureen Reynel, MBE
  • Graham Butland
  • Terry Baxter
  • Alan Ridealgh
  • Richard Bridgman
  • Henry Cator, OBE
  • Reece Ritchie