Monica Meister

BSc (Hons) Computing (Web and Mobile Development), Class of 2023

Monica Meister alumni student profile photoI chose to study at the UOS because I was looking to get into a course which I knew would help my future career. The university's commitment to staying current with technological advancements, coupled with opportunities for hands-on projects and industry collaborations, attracted me a lot seeking a comprehensive and forward-thinking education.

The University of Suffolk is recognised for its strong ties to industry and the local community such as BT Adastral Park.  Collaborations with businesses and professionals offers students valuable networking opportunities, internships, and insights into the latest industry trends.  Such connection contributes to a curriculum that remains current and relevant.  The University’s focus on inclusivity and diversity contributes to a vibrant and enriching campus culture.  This commitment is reflected in various initiatives and support services that cater to the diverse needs of the student body, such as student clubs, great library support with 1 to 1 sessions on academic research and helped me with my assignments.

Moreover, the supportive community and resources available at the University of Suffolk contribute to a well-rounded educational experience, preparing mature students like myself, to excel in the rapidly evolving field of mobile and web development.

I have started a social businesswomen’s platform called i-woman. As the founder of a social women's platform, I lead with passion, fostering a supportive community for women to connect, empower, and inspire. I drive innovation, ensuring our platform remains a safe space for diverse voices, promoting collaboration and personal growth.  My degree has really given me a great insight of what I am capable of doing and I intend to continue my progress by working extremely hard for i-woman.

My degree has been instrumental as the founder of a social businesswomen's platform, empowering me to translate ideas into a seamless online experience. It forms the backbone of our tech infrastructure, facilitating innovation and ensuring a user-friendly environment for empowering women worldwide. It equipped me with strategic acumen, effective communication, and team-building skills, essential for steering a successful businesswomen's platform. The degree’s influence is evident in decision-making, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the platform's growth. It empowers me to lead with confidence, adapt to challenges, and create a positive impact within the dynamic realm of our social businesswomen's platform.

In summary the University of Suffolk was a very enjoyable and enriching academic experience. From the moment I stepped onto campus, everyone was very welcoming, it was an inclusive community that valued individual growth and achievement. The university offered a wide range of programs and courses which were taught by experienced faculty members, who were passionate about their fields. The small class in the second year really fostered a personal learning environment, allowing me to engage deeply with course material and receive individual attention and support. I also became very close to my peers, who also helped me with the understanding of new trending technologies.

The University’s library and study spaces provided me with the tools I needed to excel academically. Additionally, the university's location in Ipswich offered access to a rich cultural and social scene, as well as internship and employment opportunities with local businesses and organizations.

Overall studying at the University of Suffolk was a very supportive and stimulating environment that has helped me to grow intellectually, socially and professionally.  With its commitment to student success, the university provides a foundation for students to achieve their goals and realize their full potential.

"The supportive community and resources available at the University of Suffolk contribute to a well-rounded educational experience, preparing mature students like myself to excel"

Monica Meister