Marvin Matherson

BSc (Hons) Computing (Web and Mobile Development), Class of 2022

Marvin Peter Matherson alumni student story photo The University of Suffolk has many strengths. During my first and second year, Covid struck. A lot had to change, such as studying from home. The University was very adaptable and helped throughout the situation, checking up on us and making sure our experience was the best we could have received in the circumstances.

My tutor, Sean Preston, was very supportive and he taught us so much throughout the course. He regularly checked up with us to make sure we were getting on with our studies well. He listened to all of our feedback as well. For example, we found the explanation of some of the web stuff very complicated, and he made some video lectures that we were able to watch and follow along in our own time. He regularly gave us one to one sessions, to determine how we were finding the course and what he or the university could do to help. There were lots of opportunities that he introduced us, to such as the tech industry day where local tech businesses came in to speak about their roles and what they do. We were even approached to build the Suffolk Business Expo website, which both Sean and I built.

I'd also like to shout out Mark Power. In my first year I took computing fundamentals and unfortunately I failed the exam. He set up support sessions for people who had failed, and I attended them. I happened to be the only one who joined, and after going through everything together, on my next attempt I passed the exam!

The Library, Atrium and Waterfront building was regularly open late, which I took advantage of throughout my studies. I was often studying late into the night, and being in the university environment was good and helped me to focus without distractions. The Students' Union and University had some extracurricular activities. I joined the badminton classes and learned very quickly that I'm not very good at badminton, but I had a laugh with everyone. It was a good icebreaker and a great way to meet friends.

I was also the student ambassador for my course all three years I was there. It was exciting and being able to take student feedback and share it on was vital, insightful and very rewarding. People could share their feedback from their classes and then the union would speak to the relevant party in the university and discuss how the feedback could be put into motion. 

During my third year, the Digitech centre at BT was utilised. We were able to travel there once a week and use the high tech equipment they have there. It was amazing to study in a BT building and to experience some of the industry tech. It was very insightful - I was even featured in the promo video showcasing the collaboration between BT and Digitech! This was a fun experience, where I got to learn about what the collaboration meant and what the future of computing at the University of Suffolk would bring for new and prospective students.

When I graduated I got a job as a Junior Developer for a company called Micropress. I stayed here for 10 months, before I joined an agency called Reach Digital as a Junior Developer. All the skills I learnt in my degree, including PHP, Wordpress development, SASS, task managers, GIT and Javascript have helped me in my role, and every day I refine these skills

All in all, I had an amazing time and I would recommend the University to everyone. Thank you all for making the experience wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying here!

"It was amazing to study in a BT building and to experience using some industry tech"

Marvin Matherson