Luke Mayo

BA (Hons) English (2016) and MA Creative and Critical Writing (2023)

Luke Mayo at graduationI first came to University Campus Suffolk (as it was known at the time) in 2013, as an 18-year-old fresh out of doing A Levels. I was keen to learn about life and the wider world, and particularly the subject of English, which was the BA (Hons) course I chose to study. Suffice to say, I’m so glad I decided to do this.

By the time I graduated with a 2:1 in 2016, the English course had enabled me to do various fantastic things. On top of the course itself and its various assignments, I had the privilege of serving as course rep for my cohort in 2014-2015 in my second year, working with the union to make good things happen at out university.

I also got involved in a number of amazing fantastic creative projects, such as being an arts correspondent and editor for the Global Panorama, and being a poet for the creative community Pop My Mind. As a person who loves writing as a form of artistic expression, I loved doing these things with all my heart.

After I graduated, I continued to pursue my passion for creative writing. Alongside my regular career as a data administrator for the drug and alcohol recovery service Open Road Visions, I’ve kept a number of literary irons in the fire. In 2020, I wrote a Highly Commended Poem for the South Essex College Creative Writing Challenge.

My most important literary success came with BookLeaf Publishing. This team has run a number of poetry challenges, setting a period of time in which to write one poem a day. Having taken part in three challenges so far, I’ve had the privilege of having three poetry collections published professionally, with more currently in production. This is the kind of success I aspired to achieve while studying for the BA in English.

Eventually, my passion for writing led me back to University of Suffolk. In 2022, I applied for a place on the MA course in Creative and Critical Writing. To my immense delight, I was offered a place. And thus began the next chapter in my literary story.

Over the course of my year on the MA, I’ve had the honour of doing even more remarkable things. I’ve been lucky enough to serve as a course rep with the union for a second time, co-found and serve as president for the university’s Creative Writing Society, volunteer with Suffolk Archives and become a writer in residence for the Essex Police Museum. I’ve also had the privilege of contributing to the MA Anthology, Suffolk Reflections, which was a joy to be a part of such a lovely team of writers.

2023 will be the year I remember as when I achieved my MA. I’m so glad, and always will be, that the University of Suffolk has been such an important part of my life. I’ve seen and done good things, and I’ve met the most remarkable people I’ve ever known. Studying at University of Suffolk is something I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

"I’m so glad, and always will be, that the University of Suffolk has been such an important part of my life"

Luke Mayo