Jemma Yarnton-Peacock

BSc (Hons) Radiotherapy and Oncology, Class of 2014

My name is Jemma Yarnton-Peacock and I graduated from the University of Suffolk in 2014 with a 1st class BSc (Hons) degree in Radiotherapy and Oncology. Training to become a Therapeutic Radiographer was the start of my journey in healthcare, and the start of my journey as an educator, supporting other learners during my time as an undergraduate student. Since graduating, I have worked as a Therapeutic Radiographer at Addenbrookes and Ipswich Hospital, progressing to a senior radiographer and practice educator.  I have developed a strong link with the University of Suffolk, working collaboratively with the radiography programme teams to facilitate and support students on clinical placement. In 2021, I returned to work after maternity leave with my first child and was successfully appointed to a role within the Pre-registration Education team as Lead Practice Education Facilitator (PEF) for Allied Healthcare Professions (AHPs). This new and exciting role has diversified my understanding of student learning in clinical practice, with a focus on increasing student placement capacity and improving the quality of learning environments for all learners across the organisation. 

The University of Suffolk cultivated my passion for education and supporting the development of others. The Radiotherapy and Oncology programme (now Therapeutic Radiography) encouraged a peer learning ethos in its cohorts, in both academic and clinical placement settings. I had opportunities to support my peers and the next generation of Therapeutic Radiography students through promotion of the profession and studying with the University of Suffolk. 

I am now studying again with the University of Suffolk, completing a post graduate certificate on the Joint Suffolk Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA). I am part of the first cohort via a studentship offered by the Integrated Care Academy (ICA) earlier this year. I have been excited to return to the University of Suffolk as a student and feel privileged that I have been supported by this fantastic opportunity with the ICA and its partners. I am pleased that the ICA has been established in Suffolk and is driving integrated care for our local communities, investing in the development of the local health and care workforce to achieve this. 

The University of Suffolk has supported my development at every step of my career so far, and in turn, I have used this to invest in and develop our future health and care workforce. I look forward to continuing to partner with the university to support undergraduate learning in health and care, and in further developing my own career in education and workforce.

"The University of Suffolk cultivated my passion for education and supporting the development of others"

Jemma Yarnton-Peacock