Dominic Noble

BA (Hons) Computer Games Design

I graduated from University Campus Suffolk (now University of Suffolk) in 2014 with a BA (Hons) degree in Computer Games Design. It feels surreal to think back on how much I've grown since those days, both professionally and personally. My journey since graduation has been a blend of art and technology, culminating in founding my creative agency, Keyframe Creative, in 2023.

Choosing to study at the University of Suffolk was a decision that I came to for a few reasons. The course content was very interesting to me, the hardware in the gaming labs was impressive, and the lecturers I met were all enthusiastic. It was also the location of the university and student accommodation, right by the quayside, that helped seal the deal.

One of the best aspects of my course was the sense of community; my course mates were all like-minded people who were equally obsessed with games. I spent countless hours them both during lectures and at the weekends. I also joined the Board Games society, where I met even more fantastic people. 

After graduating, the University's Careers department was instrumental in my first steps into the professional world. They helped me land a placement at Orbital Media, a local marketing agency, where I began as a junior designer and animator. Over the next seven years, I climbed the ranks to become a team lead, managing a team of developers and designers. 

However, the itch to create art pushed me towards freelancing, and soon after, I joined Charco Neurotech, a biotech startup in Cambridge, as their Creative Lead. The experience at Charco Neurotech was challenging and rewarding, but eventually I decided to start my own venture in 2023 - Keyframe Creative. Today, I am proud to provide animation and design services to various clients in the healthcare and FMCG markets.

For those considering studying at Suffolk, my advice is to be discerning about the course content and think about its alignment with your future goals. Remember that the skills you learn can be transferred to various industries. I studied games design but found my niche in marketing and creative design. Be ready to put in the effort, as the more you invest in your learning, the more you'll gain.

To current students, I'd advise you to network as much as you can. Establish your LinkedIn profile and connect with people. The relationships you build in university can open many doors in the future. Most importantly, enjoy your time there! It's a period of exploration, learning, and growth. Make the most of it.

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"It feels surreal to think back on how much I've grown since those days, both professionally and personally"

Dominic Noble