Christian Killeen

BSc (Hons) English, Class of 2022

I graduated from the University of Suffolk in 2022 with a First Class BA (Hons) degree in English Literature with Creative Writing. You can find me at where I regularly post essays and articles about things that interest me, all with the aim of improving my writing and learn about SEO, copywriting and other Digital Marketing skills. I love to cycle and pull apart bicycles to see how they work and to fix them and put them back together again. In the summer of 2022, I spent three weeks cycling and camping around the north of England by combining two coast-to-coast cycle routes and then cycling down the east coast from Newcastle to Peterborough to get back home.

I’m a steadfast supporter of higher education being open to all and I stand as proof that the University of Suffolk can improve people's lives. Throughout my teens and twenties, I couldn’t allow myself to believe that writing could be the passion and driving force in my life. That was reserved for the authors I’d read and admired. One day, while struggling to find any path that had any promise of fulfilment, I absentmindedly sent off an enquiry to the admissions team to ask for more information about their Creative Writing course. I will forever be grateful to them for taking the initiative to use my old student information from a Nursing course I started years ago to offer me a place on the newly designed Creative Writing course. From there I applied myself, fell in love with learning and, after proving again and again that I was quite good at this, chose to dedicate my life to writing in one form or another.

Hopefully I can find a job that allows me to work creatively and can be adapted to fit in time to study a Masters.

Find out more about studying BSc English at University of Suffolk, or learn more about about studying MA Creative and Critical Writing.

"I’m a steadfast supporter of higher education being open to all"

Christian Killeen