Brandon Harris

BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies, Class of 2018

Brandon Harris staff profile photo Brandon's journey with the University of Suffolk began back in 2015 when he began his BA (Hons) Early Childhood course. In 2018, he proudly walked across the stage as part of the inaugural graduating class at the stunning waterfront venue. Throughout his time as a student, Brandon was actively immersed into university life. He took on the role of Course Rep for two years, participated in regular Most Active Student sport sessions, and accessed crucial career support that set him on his professional path. Brandon considers the Careers Fairs hosted by the Careers Employability and Enterprise team to be instrumental in his journey.

In 2017, he wanted to continue pushing himself so participated in the SU elections, aspiring to secure a School Officer position.  Although he narrowly missed out to another student named Lou. Little did they know, their stories were about to intertwine in an unexpected way.

Throughout his final academic year, Brandon remained dedicated to his role as a course rep and became a Sports Activator for the Student Union. His dissertation explored the complex subject of disability identity in children, backed by experience in schools settings.

Post-graduation, Brandon ventured into the world of community engagement, gaining experience with professional services including OneLife Suffolk, NHS Wellbeing Suffolk, and a brief stint in recruitment. During his time in these professional services, Brandon recognised his passion for community engagement, community support and marketing. However, inspired by the positive impact of his university experience, Brandon also had a long-term ambition to return to University of Suffolk in a professional capacity. As of August 2023, Brandon now holds a professional role at the University of Suffolk, where he passionately supports students throughout their academic journey.

Following the 2017 SU elections, Brandon and Lou's paths continued to intertwine. Their bond deepened, and in May 2019 Brandon and Lou celebrated their engagement, and then their marriage in June 2023. University of Suffolk not only shaped Brandon both personally and professionally, but also fuelled his commitment to support students in creating their own journeys.

“I really did have a good time as a student and I owe a lot of where I am today to the University of Suffolk”

Brandon Harris