BA (Hons) Graphic Design Student Story

Ayanna Peniston, BA (Hons) Graphic Design (Graphic Illustration)

"When I was researching universities in the UK through the Unifrog website, I found the University of Suffolk amongst the aspirational selections and began to look at the information provided and on the University of Suffolk website. What made me choose this university over any other is that I felt that the University of Suffolk had a close knit community and that the small classroom sizes would allow for full engagement with the lecturers, such as one on one tutorials. Additionally, the University of Suffolk website for the Graphic Design course stated that it was made to prepare you for working after graduation, alongside studying graphics and I thought that this would be beneficial as someone looking to become a full-time agency graphic designer.

I have always been a creative individual, as I grew up with an interest in painting and drawing, allowing me to develop a creative thinking mindset. The University of Suffolk graphics course takes that thinking to a new level as problem solving becomes involved and we are taught the skills needed to act on what has now become creative problem solving. The course also becomes more and more about individual learning as the years progress, allowing us to develop our own design processes and techniques. I though that this was good practice, as this also prepares us for when we enter into the workforce.

What I find most beneficial about the course is the ability to practice both graphic design and graphic illustration at the same time. Having both creates opportunity to work with more clients in the future that will need graphic design, graphic illustration, or both.

What I enjoy most about my time at the University of Suffolk is coming into class with a hot cup of mocha and talking to my classmates about design work or topics of similar interest. We are all a team in our own little design studio and I love that I am able to bring in my design work both for uni and personal projects and show them to receive feedback.

I chose to move to Suffolk because it seemed like a quiet and quaint place, perfect for wanting to focus on my studies. With the town centre and many grocery stores nearby, I could leave my room knowing that I don’t have to go a far distance and into a dangerous neighbourhood. Additionally, Suffolk has lots of countryside, something that I did not have growing up on an island, and I always enjoy getting to see that when I am travelling on the trains. The best thing about studying in Suffolk however is the cafes. I love that I can go into a cafe, order a coffee and a snack and sit down with my laptop and do some work.

I recently participated in a design showcase back at home and I was really proud of the pieces I created. Getting to see so many people view my work and like it gave me confidence that my design skills have improved since I first started my graphic design/ graphic illustration journey and that my style inspires those who view it."

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