Tom Hardy

Placement Consultant

Business Engagement, Careers and Employability
Tom Hardy staff profile photo

Tom has a teaching and leadership background within primary schools. Tom studied Primary Education BA Hons at The University of Cumbria and taught across Key Stage 2 before moving into leadership as a SENDCo and Assistant Headteacher. Throughout his teaching journey, Tom was also a Designated Safeguarding Lead, a mentor, coach, and Senior Mental Health Lead. Tom joined the University in 2023 as a Placement Consultant.

Tom’s role is Extra-Curricular, and he mainly works with Postgraduate students. He manages the Inspiring Futures Fund (IFF); a scheme that is aimed at enabling students to access ringfenced funding to support them to undertake work experience and placements that are in addition to those embedded into their course. Tom supports students with their applications and holds panels to support the decision-making process. Tom’s goal is to grow the IFF by building links with businesses, engaging with their community investment so that more students can access opportunities and boost their career prospects.

Tom uses his skills and experience to deliver workshops to students regarding placement and work experience opportunities. He also assists with the Micro-Placement scheme at the University. Tom manages the Sanctuary Graduates partnership which enables collaboration between students and a key recruitment agency.

As part of the Futures Team, Tom works closely with the Business Development Knowledge Exchange (BDKE) team to develop Extra-Curricular and Summer internship opportunities for students. He connects with small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s), start-ups and charities to develop partnerships and openings for students at the University and attends various networking events to build links within the community.