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Dr Harvey Osborne is the Course Leader for History at the University of Suffolk. He is a historian of modern Britain with a particular interest in the history of the countryside and rural society. He completed his BA (First Class), MA and PhD at the University of Lancaster, the latter funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (E.S.R.C.).

Current undergraduate teaching

History Skills, British Story, 1780-1985, ‘Country Life’ British Rural Society, 1750-1925, Unquiet Countryside, 1750-1920, The Group Project: Work-related Learning in History (contributor), Researching History (contributor), Suffolk Lives (contributor), Dissertation (contributor).

Current PhD supervision

(in conjunction with Dr Lisa Wade) V.Aldous, ‘The Life, Work and Influence of John Darby (c.1553-1608/9), Surveyor, Map-Maker, Artist, Protestant and Social Climber’. M.Brenner, ‘Being Obliged in the Eighteenth-Century'. A.McGee, 'The reality and representation of female criminality in rural Suffolk, c.1780-1850'. A.Lock, 'The effectiveness of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) on the Western Front in 1917' (with Dr John Greenacre). Trevor Cooper, The popular ‘cult’ interest in centenarians (provisional title).

Nineteenth century rural society, crime and protest, field-sports, environmental history, fish and fisheries, oral history, WWI.


Selected publications (see ORCID ID: 0000-0001-9968-7663 for full listing)

'"The Great Experiment": The impact of the Great War on the British Commercial Sea Fishing Industry, Fisherman and Fish' in Y.Carbonnier, S.Curveiller and Laurent Warlouzet (ed.), Conflits autour du Detroit du Pas de Calais, (Calais, 2020), pp.91-108.

'Workhouse disorder in Suffolk, 1835-1855' in Nick Amor and Evelyn Lord (ed.), Shaping the Past, Theme, Time and Place in Local History, (Hatfield, 2020), pp.153-165.

'John Bright’s Poacher: Poaching, politics and the illicit trade in live game in early Victorian England', Agricultural History Review, 66, 2, 2018, pp.215-237.

‘Unwomanly practices’: Poaching crime, gender and the female offender in the nineteenth-century, Rural History, 27, 2, 2016, pp. 149–168.

‘The Development of Salmon Angling’, in Richard Hoyle (ed.), Our Hunting Fathers, (Lancaster, 2007).

‘Rural and Urban Poaching in Victorian England’, (with Dr Michael Winstanley), Rural History, 17, 2, 2006, pp.187-212.

‘The Seasonality of Nineteenth-Century Poaching’, Agricultural History Review, 48, 1, 2000, pp.27-41.

Selected conference papers

‘Fish, Fishing and Fishermen during the First World War’, Conflits Autour du Detroit De La Fin Du Moyen Age Au XXI Siecle, Colloque Historique, Calais, 7-8th April 2018.

‘John Bright’s Poacher 1804-1891’, British Agricultural History Society Spring Conference, Plumpton, Lewes, 3rd April 2017.

‘Public history and British Commemorations of WWI: The Suffolk Regiment at Arras’, University of Artois Conference on ‘The Battle of Arras (9 April-16 May 1917): The economic and social evolution of WWI on the Western Front in a pivotal year’, Arras, France, 4th April 2017.

‘‘Unwomanly practices’: Poaching crime, gender and the female offender in the nineteenth-century’, 31st March 2015, Conference of the Social History Society, University of Portsmouth, 29 March-2 April 2015.

‘Protest and Disorder in the Early-Victorian Workhouse: Suffolk, 1835-55’, Captain Swing Reconsidered: 40 years of Rural History from Below, Special Conference of the Southern History Society, University of Reading, 21 March 2009.

‘Gamekeepers and Poachers in Late Victorian England’, Field Sports and Rural Society since 1850, British Agricultural History Special Conference, University of Reading, Spring 2004.

‘The Strange Decline of Poaching Crime in Late Victorian England’, British Agricultural History Society, Spring Conference, 2001.

Media (TV and radio appearances)

Akenfield Now - Contributor to BBC Radio 4 Akenfield Now, 19 October 2019 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0009jcr

Rag and Bone Industry – Contribution to BBC 1 The One Show, 9 February 2011 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00yhxfk

‘Poaching’ – Contribution to BBC Radio 4 Open Country, 11 June 2005 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/factual/opencountry_20050611.shtml

British Agricultural History Society, Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian Society, Suffolk Record Society, Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History.