Debbi Newstead

Executive Manager

Vice-Chancellor's Office
Debbi Newstead staff profile photo

Debbi Newstead has worked at the institution since its inception and was part of the 10-person project team which coordinated the creation of University Campus Suffolk (UCS) in 2007. Prior to this appointment, Debbi was Professional Assistant to the Assistant Principal of Higher Education at Suffolk College from 2002.

After UCS’ formation, Debbi was appointed Executive Assistant to the Pro-Vice Chancellor and CEO, and subsequently to the Provost and CEO. In 2014 Debbi was promoted to Executive Manager.

Debbi’s responsibilities include managing the Vice Chancellor’s Office and being responsible for the administration of the Board of Directors, Executive and the Senior Leadership Team, with a particular focus on governance and continuity. She also supports and is the first point of contact for the University’s Chancellor.
Debbi was awarded a BSC in Business Management in 2007, the first year that UCS held its graduation ceremonies.