Researcher Development Programme

To support the development of researchers, University of Suffolk, runs a varied Researcher Development Programme.  

This programme is mapped against the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF) and has developed since 2011 to engage more external speakers and to ensure we are always meeting the needs of our researchers.

The Researcher Development Programme 2022-23 has raised the profile of research internally, enriched the staff and student experience and provided opportunities for networking both internally and with external organisations engaged in the support and development of research and researchers.  The RDP 2022-23 details all workshops in this academic year. Please contact Andreea Tocca, Head of Research Development at if you wish to book on any of these workshops or via Libcal (intranet training pages available to all internal staff and students).

Training will primarily be available face to face and will provide you with an excellent series of workshops to cover wide-ranging topics relevant to you and your research.

The Researcher Development Programme offers a wide range of sessions to help you develop and broaden your research and transferable skills, whether you're a postgraduate research student or member of staff. Our development offer includes a comprehensive programme of hybrid training, online resources and supporting information. This provision is intended to complement that of the schools, so that research students and early career researchers can develop the skills they need to be successful in their research in the short-term, and in whatever career they progress on to afterwards.  

 All our training falls under the four headings of the Researcher Development Framework (RDF). 

  • Knowledge and intellectual abilities  
  • Personal effectiveness  
  • Research governance and organisation  
  • Engagement, influence, and impact  

If you are a research student or academic staff member at the University, the sessions we offer are free of charge. We encourage you to take these opportunities to develop and refine your skills, as well as connect with colleagues. Our programme is designed to support your research and your career choices. Workshops will be arranged to, as far as possible, avoid teaching times, religious holidays and with later start and earlier finish times to support those with childcare and other commitments.  

Updates will be published online and circulated via e-mail and social media. Please check both to confirm whether there have been any recent changes. 

Have you identified an area of training that you feel should be provided that is currently not available? Please send any suggestions and comments to

Are you an experienced researcher? Do you feel you could help with mentoring a less experienced researcher? There is an opportunity to become involved in the staff mentoring scheme. If you are interested in helping with this, please contact us at 

Use the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF) to help you:

  • explore all the aspects of being a researcher
  • identify your strengths
  • prioritise areas for professional development
  • write a plan, then monitor progress and success
  • have productive discussions with others, e.g. your supervisor, PI, careers advisor or other professional development provider
  • look for formal and informal development opportunities
  • prepare for one-to-one progress reviews, appraisals or career development conversations with your research manager or mentor.

When you are looking at future career options and goals, the RDF helps you to:

  • consider the capabilities and experiences that will enhance your career prospects
  • assess opportunities provided by your institution and look for development opportunities outside your research
  • highlight, articulate and provide evidence of the transferability of your capabilities and expertise in your CV, in job applications and at interviews.

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