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Tuition Fees - International Students

The University of Suffolk offers competitive tuition fees for international students, as well as a range of generous international scholarships. If you are unsure whether your course is classroom-based or laboratory/studio/IT based, please ask us a question.

September 2022/February 2023

  • Undergraduate/Postgraduate-Taught Classroom-based: £12,996 per year
  • Undergraduate/Postgraduate-Taught Laboratory/Studio/IT-based: £14,598 per year
  • MSc International Business and Management and MSc Human Resource Management - £13,995 per year
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): £16,497 
  • Postgraduate-Research Classroom-based: £13,464
  • Postgraduate-Research Laboratory/Studio/IT-based: £15,282

September 2023/February 2024

  • Undergraduate Classroom-based: £13,992 per year
  • Undergraduate Laboratory/Studio/IT-based: £14,598 per year
  • Postgraduate-Taught Classroom-based: £13,995 per year
  • Postgraduate-Taught Laboratory/Studio/IT-based: £14,607 per year
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): £16,497
  • Postgraduate-Research fees to be confirmed.

Please note that any international students accepted on a course that requires a practice placement with an NHS-commissioned service, for example Nursing, Paramedic Science or Radiography, will pay an additional fee of £3,170 per year of study (this excludes all British Islands students except the Falkland Islands).

Find out if you are an overseas fee payer.

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