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Ipswich is twinned with the small town of Arras, France, and we seek to work with our colleagues in the University of Artois to maintain academic links across the channel.  Following the successful collaborative Heritage Lottery Fund bid made by our History lead, Dr Harvey Osborne and in partnership with the Royal British Legion our students were offered the opportunity to produce a two-centre, bilingual research exhibition shown simultaneously in France and at the Ipswich campus during the memorial for the centenary of the World War I Battle of Arras (8 April 2017).

This dual exhibition was unprecedented.  The University of Suffolk was the single Higher Education Institution represented at the event and student research was seen by Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, the Canadian Premier, Justin Trudeau, and the French President, François Hollande.  Student work also included a small publication and continues to be impactful on site, where it is used as an educational tool for colleagues and students in Arras. 


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Displays in the Town Hall in Arras