Christiane Wuillamie

Visiting Senior Fellow

School of Technology, Business and Arts

Christiane Wuillamie OBE is Visiting Senior Fellow in Entrepreneurship and Business Turnaround.  Christiane believes that successful businesses are the result, first and foremost, of good leadership coupled with a culture that foster people personal development.  With her unique ability to walk into any company and immediately determine the areas that need fixing, be they sales, operations, technology, or corporate culture, she is a valuable ally to CEOs and executives determined to build a high performing organisation.

Christiane is an expert in shaping technology, security, business systems and cultural change to help companies across the globe solve complex business challenges.

In 1994, she set up CWB, an international consulting, software and managed services company.  She grew her business by 100%, year-on-year, without any external investment, and exited through a trade sale after seven years.  She credits her company’s success to its thriving culture, which was based on accountability, feedback and personal development.

Christiane has won many awards, notably an OBE for her services to business and tireless support of SMEs.

Christiane is co-founder and CEO of Pyxis Culture Technologies, which specialises in predictive culture analytics for business growth and improvement.

She is also a Non-Executive Director & Shareholders’ Representative of Cambridge & Counties Bank

Fellow of United Nations - Institute for Responsible Leadership

Ambassador - The Commonwealth Women's Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme (CWEA)

Member of The Worshipful Company of International Bankers